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850000 passenger transportation per day
SPORT SHUTTLE BUS обслуживание спортивных мероприятий
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Suburban routs to 21 settlements
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Transportation Traffic Control Centre

At the moment, there are more than 700 buses conducting about 850 thousand passenger transportations. It is almost impossible to track operation of every specific bus manually. However, there is a solution to this issue, which has been successfully used in many countries. It is the implementation of unified Traffic Control System of public transport, whose main purpose is to monitor and oversee operation of the drivers in real time.

Implementation of the Traffic Control System will solve the problems as follows:

Delay of the bus causing congestion of buses;

Violation of the time interval of buses causing competition between bus drivers;

Implementation of this system will help to improve the quality of services provided by public transport and monitor traffic situation of city, suburban and express routes. In the long perspective, taxi services will be added to this system.

This project is scheduled for 2016. At the moment, the employees of the Transportation Traffic Control Centre of Astana have received special software training.